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Denver Tattoo Parlor Grants Fortunate Fan a Complimentary Nuggets Tattoo in the Midst of NBA Finals Frenzy


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Denver Tattoo Parlor Surprises Winner with Free Nuggets Tattoo During NBA Finals Excitement
Darian Ynostroza received an unexpected call from a friend, informing him that he had won a free Nuggets tattoo after signing up on Instagram. The 28-year-old had actually forgotten about his entry since he had taken a break from social media and deleted Instagram. Overwhelmed with joy, he exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe it!”
On Friday, Ynostroza found himself lying on his stomach at the tattoo parlor, his right pant leg rolled up as tattoo artist Rick Lohm skillfully sketched the silhouette of the current Nuggets logo on his calf. The design featured mountain peaks, two gold mining picks, and a basketball. While the needle and ink stung a little, it was nothing compared to the discomfort he experienced when getting a grim reaper tattoo on his sternum.

Ynostroza’s connection with the Nuggets goes back to the night Allen Iverson was traded to Denver in December 2006. He attended his first Nuggets game on that memorable night, courtesy of his mother who had received free court-side seats from her dentist. Sadly, his mother passed away six years ago after a long illness, making the significance of his latest tattoo even more profound.

This Nuggets tattoo marks at least the 20th for Ynostroza, although he has lost count. He has aspirations of adding tattoos representing the Broncos, the Rockies, and the Avs to his leg in the future. He even contemplates including a tribute to Jake Jabs, a hometown hero. “Someone’s gotta do it,” he added.

Lohm came up with the idea for the free tattoo promotion at his tattoo parlor, Lucky Rose Tattoo, in anticipation of the Nuggets reaching the NBA Finals. Valued at $250, the offer includes six different logo designs throughout the team’s history, including the 1972-74 purple and gold cartoon rocket ship bouncing a basketball over a mountain range when the team was known as the Denver Rockets.

Nuggets fever is spreading throughout Denver, evident by the manageable lines at the Ball Arena team store. Fans are flocking to get their hands on jerseys, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, and beer cozies, embracing the city’s latest sports obsession. Even kids are drawn to the oversized gold chain adorned with a flashy Nuggets NBA Finals medallion, which they refer to as the “drip.” Patricia Wilson was seen loading up on NBA Finals t-shirts for friends in New Mexico, welcoming bandwagon fans who have recently joined the Nuggets’ following.

As Ynostroza’s tattoo transformed from a simple sketch to a vibrant Nuggets logo, he expressed his unwavering commitment to the team. He doesn’t mind having the colorful tattoo permanently etched on his skin, even during times when the Nuggets may not be at the top. “It’ll be even better when the Nuggets aren’t doing well,” he declared. “I’m a fan for life.”


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