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Dismissal Upheld: Appeals Court Clears Ivanka Trump of Fraud Allegations in $250 Million Case


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Appeals Court Dismisses Claims Against Ivanka Trump in New York Attorney General’s Lawsuit
In a significant development, a New York appeals court has dismissed claims against Ivanka Trump in the $250 million lawsuit filed by the state attorney general against former President Donald Trump, his children, and their company.

The five judge panel of the state Appellate Division issued a five-page ruling, declaring that the claims against Ivanka Trump were “time-barred” and therefore she should be removed as a defendant from the case.

According to the ruling, the allegations against Ivanka Trump do not support any claims that arose after February 6, 2016. As a result, all claims against her should have been dismissed as untimely.
Ivanka Trump dipperFeed NewsThe judges also imposed limitations on the time frame of certain claims against the other defendants in the case, barring claims prior to early 2016 in some instances, and before mid-2014 in others. However, they upheld the decision of a lower court judge who denied the Trump family’s motion to dismiss the case entirely.

The lawsuit was filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James following an extensive investigation into the business practices of the Trump family’s company. The suit alleges that between 2011 and 2021, the Trumps inflated their financial statements to banks and insurers, exaggerating their worth by billions of dollars in order to secure loans and deals they were not entitled to.

Former President Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing and has accused Attorney General James, a Democrat, of conducting a politically motivated “witch hunt” against him.

Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, hailed Tuesday’s ruling as the first step towards ending a case that he believes should never have been filed. Kise stated that the ruling appropriately limits the previously unlimited reach of the Attorney General. He further expressed confidence that once all the facts are revealed, there will be no doubt about President Trump’s successful business empire and the substantial profits generated for the financial institutions involved in the litigation.

At the time of reporting, neither Ivanka Trump’s lawyer nor the attorney general’s office had issued an immediate response to requests for comment.

The trial for this case is scheduled to commence in October as planned.


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